China's design abroad is so high

Wine is not afraid of the deep history of the alley is over, want to allow customers to pay attention to their products, packaging is also very important. In today's creative inspiration sharing, we will share with you some of the packaging design of the Chinese elements designed by podgoers. I hope you can get some inspiration from it.

1, Pu'er tea packaging design

The tea set designed by Canadian Chinese designer LILY KAO was inspired by Cantonese-style morning tea. The roasted dumplings and dumplings in the bamboo steamer were actually small spots for Pu'er tea and roasted peanuts. The edible outer packaging can also be used as a coaster and a bookmark.

2. Chinese tea packaging

The designer estimates that inspired by the structure of the jigsaw puzzle, this random combination of features into the packaging structure, so that different varieties of tea have different packaging shapes.

3, moon cake packaging design

This is a moon cake package designed by a foreign designer. Designers use a large number of Chinese patterns and graphics in this package. The detail is also done in place. There are prints on the moon cake box.

4, gift wine packaging design

This is a gift wine packaging design. The hot stamping badge makes the whole package show high quality.

5, creative tea packaging

It is also a tea packaging. Foreign designers have a special liking for the design of tea packaging. This creative shape and the color of Oriental Zen are a special attraction. 7, Chinese style lemon chicken fried rice packaging This package also designed a place for the chopsticks, is very suitable for sending out wood! This way the delivery person will not forget to take the chopsticks.

6, Chinese fast food packaging design

The main purpose of this instant noodles is to be able to eat two people, very suitable for couples, Chinese elements are also reflected in the box.

7. Chinese fast food packaging design

Looking at packaging is not like food packaging, but like holiday gift packaging. Suddenly receiving such a takeaway will certainly impress customers.

8, lucky money bag design

This is a design of the New Year's Eve purse string. The designers used elements of Chinese traditional mascots and patterns. They creatively broke the idea that the crushed purse could only be flat, allowing them to “drum” up. To such a purse, children must put it down.

9, Chinese lemon chicken fried rice packaging

This package also designed a place for chopsticks, it is very suitable for delivery! This way the delivery person will not forget to take the chopsticks.

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Hydrophobic Hot Air Through Fabric

100% Polypropylene SMS nonwoven fabric for industrial wiping is produced from high-quality imported polypropylene material through special nonwoven processes in strict accordance with the requirements of the ISO9001 and ISO14001 quality management system. This kind of materials have features of uniform web forming, good touch feel, no skin allergy.

1. Description

1). Raw materials: Raw material composed to it is PP/PE or PE/PET. It's bi-component skin-core structure composite fiber. The skin part has low melting point and has good softness. The core part has high melting point and great strength.After thermal treatment, skin part will meltdown as the cohesive function, and the others still stay as fiber.

2). Advantages: Soft and comfortable for skin,Good hydrophilic effect, High bulked fiber structure, Web clear and lowest rewet and keep dry, Good defilade, No irritation to the skin, not allergies

3).Color: various color to meet your demand,keep your products look better

4).Application: Disposable personal healthcare products, Women's sanitary napkins, sanitary pads, baby diaper, adult diaper


1.Soft, fluffy, hydrophilic, well-proportioned, smooth, sanitary, non-irritant, etc.
2.The product consists of continuous filament, with good tensile strength and elongation
3.Different color to meet the customers' requirement
4.Quick water penetration
5.Low liquid back

Feature 1. SMMS keep the user refreshing and healthy.
2. Super quality, double layer composite,breathing freely, defending against side-leaking.

3. Good hydrostatic pressure.

4. Be used in the supplies industries of adults diaper/Baby Diapers/sanitery napkins and panty liners.


Meltblown nonwoven for different quality grade Face Mask
S, SS, SSS PP Spunbond nonwoven fabric for hygiene, medical, industrial, building, agriculture, horticulture, furniture, bedding-
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PE micro porous film for hygiene, medical, industrial, home textile
Laminations (PP, PE, nonwoven) for hygiene, medical, industrial
Printing films, nonwovens
Face masks
Plastic flower pots
Nonwoven coverall, clothing
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