Children's room comfort and safety, children's wardrobe design, these points should be noted

[ Chinese wardrobe network ] Every parent wants their children to grow up healthily and give them the most comfortable environment. In the children's room, there is always no effort. The children's room wardrobe is one of the important furniture for children's rooms, which guarantees the comfort and safety of the children's room. So what are the design points of a good children's room wardrobe? The following Dasen explained to you.

Children's room wardrobe

Children's room wardrobe renderings

Children's room wardrobe design - environmental protection:

Generally, the choice of children's wardrobe will choose some bright colors. After all, the children's world is colorful, but they don't know the brighter the color, the higher the harmful substances such as lead. Children with such furniture for a long time will increase the risk of treatment. Therefore, the color should be locked on the pure white and natural material of the log color, and the use of orange, yellow, green, brown, etc. with too high lead content should be used as little as possible, so that the children's room will not have a trace of harmful gas exceeding the standard. . Even in such pure colors, use harmless UV (ultraviolet) paint that does not contain formaldehyde or harmful pigments to minimize damage to children.

Children's room wardrobe design - size:

There is no special standard for the size of the children's wardrobe, which is related to the size of the children's room and the height of the child. The 10-year-old children generally don't have a lot of clothes. The general 800mm double-row door wardrobe can also meet the basic needs, but in view of the rapid growth of children, if the space size allows, you can try to make the children's wardrobe bigger and make it to the top. The door wardrobe, or enlarge the size of the door wardrobe, so that the storage of clothes can be stored later. Generally, we choose the size of the children's wardrobe: 1200 × 555 × 2100mm, 800 × 555 × 1970mm, 1160 × 605 × 2000mm, 1430 × 600 × 2010mm.

Children's room wardrobe design - hole ventilation:

Many people's traditional ideas may be that the wardrobe is afraid of sticking, and the insects are crawling, so it should be placed in the closet in a compact manner. This is not the case, because there are more or less chemical components in the children's wardrobe, so that the wardrobe is breathable. When you are wearing clothes, you can better match your skin, and your child likes to hide from cats and cats to prevent accidents.

Children's room wardrobe design - door panel:

For the sliding board, it is best to choose 10mm or 12mm thick plate, which is firm, stable and durable. If it is slightly worse, it will choose 8mm thick, which is thin and frivolous; even worse, it will use 6mm thick plate. The plate is easy to deform, the stability is often difficult to meet the normal requirements, and the height of the door panel determines whether it can be renovated to the ceiling.

Children's room wardrobe design - pulley:

The pulley of the wardrobe is generally made of carbon fiberglass, with balls inside, and is provided with non-drying grease, so it can be easily pushed and pulled, smooth and flexible, and has large bearing capacity, pressure resistance and wear resistance. Household sliding doors generally require more than 60,000 pushes and pulls. In addition, good pulleys are often designed with two anti-jump devices to ensure reliable and safe door sliding. The pulley guide is the core technical part of the sliding door, so be sure to choose carefully.


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