Causes and solutions of liquid chromatograph pipeline blockage

Abstract: With the development of science, the application of liquid chromatography in the field of chemical analysis is developing rapidly. In the process of using high performance liquid chromatography, the blockage of the pipeline is one of the common failures.

The following describes the causes and solutions of clogged liquid chromatography pipelines:

Reasons for clogging of liquid chromatography pipeline:

1. The mobile phase is not well filtered;

2. There are particles in the sample;

3. Debris from the pump or injector gasket;

4. Packing leaked from the pre-column, guard column and analytical column;

5. Entry of burrs and filings;

6. Crystalline salt in mobile phase;

7. Microorganism

8. Other particulate matter has entered the system.

Solution for clogging of liquid chromatography pipeline:

The blockage of the pipeline in the system is rare, and the common one is the blockage of the sintered filter (glass sand core). Using sintered filter or filter (pore size 2-10um) can remove the particles blocking the pipeline (such as 0.25mm pipe diameter). Use the system segmentation method to check the blocked pipeline, and then loosen the joint inspection from the back to the front. Once the blocked pipeline is found, it should be removed immediately to dredge or replace it.

If it is blocked by non-rigid substances, such as biochemical substances (proteins) and microorganisms in biological samples, they can be turned on with very thin metal wires, or they can be burned on the fire head to carbonize the organic matter and then turned on.

If it is blocked by a rigid substance, it is very difficult to conduct, and the method of recoil can sometimes succeed. It is to flush the pipe with a pump. Care should be taken to protect eyes and bare skin during operation, because the obstruction will rush out at a high speed. Replace the pipes with the same specifications if they cannot be connected. If it is blocked after changing to a new tube, it should be shut down to check the above mentioned causes of the blockage.

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