Carton Printing Technology Knowledge Series (1)

What are the reasons for the holes in the printed matter and the solutions?

Answer: 1. There are too many defoamers in the ink: too much defoamer in the original ink itself, or too much defoamer in the ink. The solution is to replace the ink, or replace it with a new one without defoamer, or contact the ink company for a solution.
2, defoamers and printing inks are not compatible, the solution is the same as above.
3. The surface tension of the printed material is too high compared to the surface tension of the ink and is in contact with the ink company.
4, too much foam in the ink. Need to eliminate foam, or replace ink.

What are the causes and solutions to the lack of printing coverage?
A: 1, the pressure of the printing plate is insufficient, need to increase the pressure between the impression roller and plate cylinder.
2, the surface roughness, porous printing material ink is insufficient. The amount of ink can be increased by: a) increasing the viscosity of the ink; b) increasing the amount of ink applied to the anilox roller; c) using an anilox roller that exceeds the theoretical transfer amount; and d) improving the ink formulation to suit the printed material.
3, the plate is too hard, use a softer plate.
4, the printed material surface because of crystallization or too smooth, and resistance to ink penetration, can contact the ink company.
5, ink drying too fast. The solution is: a) adding slow-drying agent or slow-evaporating solvent to the ink; b) preventing wind and heat from blowing onto the printing plate; c) increasing the printing speed.
6, PH value of water-based ink is too low, according to the ink properties to control and adjust the PH value of the ink.

How to solve the problem of producing dark stripes?
Answer: 1. The viscosity of the printing ink is too high and the viscosity of the ink needs to be reduced.
2. The ink concentration of the color part of some devices or products is too high. The solution is: a) add resin oil (dilute agent) in the ink; b) reduce the amount of ink delivered.
3, too much ink transfer. The following methods can be used to reduce the amount of ink transfer: a) reduce the viscosity of the ink; b) reduce the amount of ink; c) change the ink formula, thereby reducing the amount of ink transfer; d) reduce the printing speed; e) the use of network cable A large number of anilox rollers.
4. There is no good cleaning of the ink dirt that was left on the machine during printing. Care should be taken to clean the printing unit when changing colors and inks.

How to solve the uneven printing problem?
A: The unevenness of the printing is due to the incorrect setting or damage of the inking system. It is necessary to repair or replace the components of the machine. There are two cases of non-uniformity in the printed matter:
(A) Transverse change of the printed product 1. Light to dark due to the non-parallel inking roller. You can adjust the parallelism of the anilox roller, rubber inker roller, and doctor blade so that they are in parallel positions.
2, due to the stripes of the rubber ink roller stripes, need to replace the rubber ink roller.
3, due to the squeegee blade wear and tear, need to replace the squeegee.
4, due to the deformation of the squeegee blade, you can reduce the pressure of the squeegee or replace the squeegee.
5, due to the damage caused by the anilox roller, need to change the anilox roller.
6, due to the stain caused by the anilox roller, need to clean the anilox roller.
7, due to the lack of ink and the resulting stripes, need to increase the fluidity of the ink.
(B) Longitudinal change of prints 1. Due to the lack of ink, printing depth is different, and the fluidity of the ink needs to be increased.
2. The plate or pre-installed plate is not fixed, and the plate must be reinstalled. The pre-installed plate must be fixed on the roller.
3, due to drum roller or roller bracket caused by the drum beat, can be checked and repaired as needed

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