Babyganics' Baby Care Plastic Bottle Design

Babyganics, a new child-centric personal care product marketer, produces non-toxic cleaning products that include foam soaps, full-featured household cleaners, and more. Babyganics, with the help of Rexam Personal Care, packaged its new products in fashion and went public in April. The translucent bottles have yellow, orange, and light green labels on them, and the label pattern also emphasizes the feeling of joy and freshness.

Products in the design process focus on the safety of infants, pregnant women, pets and the surrounding environment. The bottles of this product range in size from 50 ml to 550 ml. White PP bottles with dry sprayers are used for air fresheners and odor-removing agents, while Fine & Handy Foaming Hand Wash, Germinator Foaming Disinfecting Hand Wash and Dish Dazzler's Foaming Detergent are packaged in Rexam's light green PP foamer. Germinator's 50 ml foaming hand wash uses the M3 micro PP foamer.
The dry sprayer in the bottle can continuously spray fine mist and use no chemicals or propellant. BabyGanics CEO Kevin Scwartz said, “We offer this gentle and safe baby care product that is not only functionally perfect, but also simple and fun to use. The foamer and the dry jet also bring new users. Experience..."

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