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AIA integrated ceiling is a very good integrated ceiling brand, it has a series of different styles of ceilings for various consumer groups to choose. What is the official website of AIA Integrated Ceiling? Is AIA integrated ceiling expensive? Looking at this article, I hope I can help you.

AIA integrated ceiling is a complete set of aesthetics of the integrated ceiling solution provided by AIA for millions of families. Its innovative MSO module makes it a leader in the integrated ceiling industry. Innovation and professionalism are the secret of AIA's mastery in the integrated ceiling industry. It not only realized the first expansion and optimization of electrical modules, but also brought indoor ceilings to thousands of households. Art, technology, pioneering, this is the intuitive experience for every user.

As one of the earliest integrated ceiling manufacturers in the industry, AIA has achieved the industrialization of integrated ceiling technology. With hundreds of patents leading the industry, AIA has promoted the development of integrated ceilings in China.

If we talk about it, in fact, the invention of integrated ceiling in the industry still counts on AIA's head. The integrated ceiling module on the market is first invented by AIA in 2004. Launched the overall ceiling solution. The term integrated ceiling was also proposed by AIA. As a result of many years of promotion, the integrated ceiling has been promoted from AIA. The integrated ceiling has gradually been understood from ignorance. Whether it is an AIA integrated ceiling or integrated ceiling, it has been called a favorable competitor in the building materials market.

AIA integrated ceiling official website

AIA Integrated Ceiling Official Website: If you want to know more information and information of AIA Integrated Ceiling, you can log on its official website to view, or you can log in to this website for information.

AIA integrated ceiling price

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AIA integrated ceiling price

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Wire Backed Silt Fence

Wire backed silt fence (WBSF) is constructed with a three or four feet high wire scrim, covered with a woven poly propylene filter fabric. The galvanized steel scrim supports the fabric in an upright position even under substantial loads of silt and water. A fabric apron extending beyond the wire is also available.

wire backed silt fencewire mesh silt fence

Features & Uses
ŸMaterials: Galvanized Welded Wire Mesh with fabric 100%PP
ŸColor: Black, Orange
Uses: Erosion control, Silt control at construction sites, Required in some jurisdictions
A more robust silt fence
ŸUV resistance
ŸCan hold more silt before it needs to be cleaned
ŸCan double as a safety fence around a job site
ŸEasily attached to existing wire site fences


Wire mesh
Wire (AWG)




4'' x 4''

4'' x 2''

12 Gauge

14 Gauge



50 gsm

70 gsm

90 gsm

100 gsm

Wire Mesh Silt Fence,Wire Backed Silt Fence,Woven Wire Fence


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