Ai Siwei analyzes three key points of two-box hot and cold impact machine

(1) Two-box type hot and cold impact machine power supply equipment: An overloaded fuse device should be installed in the power supply line for the special case and good grounding device.


(2) Preparation of sample: After the samples are numbered one by one, the sample is placed on the test carousel, and it is appropriate to not touch each other and collide with each other.

(3) When all is ready, close the door. Turn off the various switches of the control system, plug the power supply into the power switch, turn on the power switch, and turn it on automatically. The power indicator of the two-box hot and cold impact machine controls the system at the same time. If it needs to be warmed up, the switch must be turned on (ie, the high temperature switch and the low temperature switch). ), then adjust the fully automatic control system

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