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Before the popularity of CTP, designers always had headaches for how to reproduce their works perfectly in print. In particular, some works with special effects are produced through the traditional film process, and it is always difficult to achieve true reduction. The use of today's CTP system to produce, you can easily achieve ordinary prints and even high network cable, a new network of high-quality print production, the designer's design concept can be fully reproduced. Here we introduce two creative design and new advertising companies. There is no shortage of advertising creative designers in their team. The customer's print design is full of vitality and individuality. Through the application of CTP, the effect of these designs can be reproduced in print.

Suncolor Printing Co., Ltd. is an authoritative creative advertising printing company that utilizes unique equipment and unique inks to make excellent prints on books and Promotional materials to help designers find new and technologically advanced printing processes. The main business is high-end printing products for advertising companies, financial companies, telecommunications companies, banks, supermarkets, etc., and also develops conceptual products with a small number of designers to develop new production processes. Now there are four Japanese Komori presses and one Heidelberg press. The CTP equipment is the screen CTP霹雳 publishing the God 8000. Recently, it added the second Taiwanese publishing God 8600.

Into the office of Mr. Wu Pengwei, chairman of Suncolor, people first saw the dense letter paper and pictures full of the entire house, like entering a multicolored information world, full of imagination, with its company name and company is very avant-garde Business features are commensurate. For such a streamlined corporate structure, the annual turnover is 100 million Hong Kong dollars, visitors can not help but be curious, what kind of business thinking is caused by, and what role does Screen CTP play in it? Mr. Wu talked about his own opinion.

Mr. Wu believes that since it has positioned itself as an avant-garde creative enterprise, it should also be at the forefront in the printing technology that strives for perfection. This is why Suncolor considered purchasing CTPs long ago. However, Mr. Wu admitted that in the initial stage of installing the screen CTP was not easy, this is the lack of skilled personnel caused by human error, due to the high level of printing technology, the staff will have a slight disregard of the difficulty of the CTP technology, resulting in the work link is easy to appear Human error. However, with the extension of the use of time, this issue has now been resolved. When asked about the benefits of CTP for the company, Mr. Wu believes that the role of CTP in improving the quality of printed matter is magical. Traditionally, 45 or 230 cable is difficult to achieve the desired effect. After using CTP, special effects can be achieved. The ideal effect, but also the production efficiency is incomparable with the traditional way. For example, the printing of a traditional 160-page book requires 4 people to spend one night to make a proof, and the use of CTP1 can be completed in 4 hours, especially when the film is wrong. Doing, and CTP only need to make a slight modification on the computer to enter the next process, 4 to 5 workers can complete the work that used to need more than a dozen people in the past, greatly saving time and manpower.

Polywell Printing & Supplies Ltd. is a company that provides one-stop professional design and printing services to customers. Hong Kong companies and advertising companies are the main customers. They mainly produce various kinds of promotional materials, books and magazines, and purchased screen CTP three years ago.霹雳 published the God 8600, four two-color GTO, a SHONOHARA press, and a Roland 300 press.

Polywell's work shop uses bright, green colors and feels relaxed and happy while working. As a very special point for printing companies, there are 20 people in the factory as equipment personnel, but 30 people are responsible for service. The head of the company, Carol, said with great confidence that in order to make the product truly perfect, Polywell needs to fully understand the needs and experiences of various industries, maintain an interactive relationship with the outside world at any time, and let the design and printing of products closely follow the market. Regarding the purchase of CTP, Mr. Carol laughed and said that this was a lucky coincidence. Three years ago, an expert customer proposed that Polywell was mainly a short-to-medium-size product and had a very large publication. Publication time was the key to success. Why not? Buy CTP to increase productivity. After various investigations, it was found that the thermal environment has little requirement for the environment and the quality of the outlets is good. The screen products also have relatively high quality. So we bought the screen publishing company 8600CTP three years ago.

霹雳 Publishing God 8600 now uses about 1,400 CTP plates per month for plate production of most products. Carol found in the actual operation, the speed is definitely faster than the traditional, better quality. The customer always looked at the printed matter with great surprise, but lamented that the quality was superior but the cause was unknown. This was actually due to the fact that it was easy to increase the print grade to a higher level by using the “Yang” publication of the God 8600 to produce a 230-line printing plate. Thanks to the use of automatic screen drilling system, no errors in printing registration are made, and customers continue to provide value-added services. The overall quality of the entire printing service is improved. This is the ambition of each employee of Carol and Polywell. As Polywell's purpose stated, "We can definitely give you a help!"

Source: "Printing World"


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