4 different floors that impress urban white-collar workers

Recommendation 1: Green and environmental protection, creating a natural beauty home-Shiyou Slim Leather Yurui Solid Wood Flooring

Model: Slim leather jade

Specifications: 910 × 124 × 18mm

Reference price: 348 yuan / square meter

Product features: Shiyou's solid wood flooring is made of natural wood and processed from the same tree species from the surface to the end. Because it uses natural materials, it always maintains its natural color, will not produce pollution, and is not easy to vacuum.

Shiyou Slim Leather Yurui Solid Wood Flooring

Editor's comment: This floor uses natural wood as the raw material, does not produce pollution, is not easy to vacuum, has natural wood grain, texture, gives people a warm feeling, walks well, and is easy to match with various furniture decorations. It's just that the maintenance of solid wood floors is more troublesome and requires regular waxing.

Recommendation 2: Unique paint surface and better visual effect-Kendia Iger Royal Violin Caribona parquet

Specification: 1215 × 127 × 15 / 1.2mm

Reference price: 512 yuan / square meter

Product features: The skin of this series of products is selected from tropical and subtropical century-old wood species, eucalyptus wood is used as the material, the texture, the shape of the wood and the corners are discarded; after 90 days of vacuum drying, the internal stress of the wood is completely released, and the internal texture of the wood Staggered to ensure lasting and constant. The unique lacquering technique restores the essence of wood grain, giving people the feeling of bringing royal violin flooring.

Kendia Iger Royal Violin Caribona parquet

Editor's comment: The stability of this floor is good, you can boldly mop the floor with a Wet mop , without worrying about the floor deformed by moisture. In addition, in the case of installing floor heating, parquet is still used for a long time, which shows how good its stability. It's just that parquet is generally less environmentally friendly.

Recommendation 3: Simple parquet, simple and more personalized-Shengxiang Soft Light Encounter Series Amber and Ebony PS9187 Laminated Floor

Model: PS9187

Specification: 1287X148X10mm

Reference price: 151 yuan / square meter

Product features: The biggest feature of this floor is that there are two colors to match. In general, the laying of the floor is dominated by a single hue. The design of this product adds some simple colors to the monotonous colors, which is very suitable. Friends who pursue individuality.

Shengxiang Soft Light Encounter Series Amber and Ebony PS9187 Laminated Floor

Editor's comment: The wear resistance of this floor is very good, about 10 to 30 times that of ordinary lacquered floors. In addition, the pattern is very beautiful, without dazzling feeling, very clean and beautiful. The size is also very stable, suitable for rooms with floor heating systems. It's just that the foot feels slightly worse.

Recommendation 4: Ruddy color, typical Chinese style-Rhine Sunshine Forest Story Series RST3158 laminate flooring

Model: RST3158

Specification: 805X125 / 128X12

Reference price: 188 yuan / square meter

Product features: This product is 12mm thick and doubled in elasticity; fully enclosed 4 seconds instantaneous high heat pressure technology; tensile strength of 850 pounds, closer stitching; six-sided three-dimensional moisture and humidity resistance; imported decorative wear layer, realistic floor color The texture is clear, rich and fashionable. Practical performance is economical and affordable, beautiful color, strong sense of solid wood, easy to take care of.

Rhine sunshine forest story series RST3158 laminate flooring

Editor's comment: Dark walnut embodies calmness and rationality. Contrast with glass and metal to emphasize modernity and simplicity. Due to the factors of its own color, it is deeply loved by large apartment owners and can also complement each other's status. Walnut is easy to process with hand and machine tools. Suitable for nailing, screw drilling and gluing.

Summary: The five floors introduced today are all more popular among white-collar workers. They all have a common feature, that is, they are relatively simple, but they are not simple and have their own characteristics.

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