3D printing value plowing 3D plane propagation formula

Humans have binocular stereo vision, and printing has only provided print media for a long time. At most, when some books are opened, people, trees, backgrounds and Other folded objects will be lifted up, showing a multi-layered three-dimensional sense . More than fifty years ago, the Japanese letterpress printing company used corrugated convex lenses to arrange neatly, and calculated its refractive index into fine stripe left-eye and right-eye images. After the printing was completed, this kind of "grating plate" was pasted. The stripe convex lens group must be completely parallel to the printed stripe pattern when pasting, then the images seen by the left and right eyes represent the stereoscopic images we can see on a weekday, and the left and right corrugations are compounded in the sea of ​​eyes Raster images can get stereoscopic effects. In addition to the "corrugated grating" used in the printing industry to make stereoscopic and variable magic mirrors to achieve the slightly different stereoscopic changes seen by both eyes, the 3D 3D effect of TVs and screens is also commonly used in this way. The refraction panel of the image is used as a medium for refracting light in a three-dimensional or changing body to produce a binocular three-dimensional or changing body visual effect.

For a long time, the printing industry first used a film to produce the effect of refracting the light color of the grating. Forty years ago, Taiwan had not been able to do the pre-press color separation and striping effect before the three-dimensional printing. The only way is to use a solvent to soak Japan Original three-dimensional image, after dissolving and separating the glue layer, use this Japanese three-dimensional image to make a precise copy of the original size, and then print a suitable grating after printing. This method of picking up people's legacy is only the first. Later, there were only self-made dichroic film slitting work, which was also completed by pure optical procedures. Today there are many calculation programs, and there is computer software that can calculate the grid spacing, refractive index, and the distribution of the left and right eye images of the grating. All the calculated image files are naturally more accurate, in case there is still data. 3. The program can be adjusted.

Nowadays, the production of 3D plane transmission images is very formalized. Belgium has 3D image newspapers. The packaging of wine bottles in Wuliangye, Yibin, Sichuan, is also made of 3D printed packaging using grating plates. It is printed using Manroland UV printing. Only for one anti-counterfeiting purpose. However, grating plates printed with plastic sheets cannot be used as cultural and promotional materials, so instead of thick plastic grating sheets, thicker cultural paper or cardboard is used for printing. In some areas, there are image or text areas. The UV varnish casting pattern may also be produced by inkjet method, all of which must have very good parallelism and the accuracy of the left and right position in order to have a brilliant three-dimensional, varying body effect, if the parallelism is not enough There is a three-dimensional effect on the entire surface, so the light tortuosity, consistency and grating curvature formed by the grating lines are the keys to the success or failure of the three-dimensional effect.

Another reason for not using a grating plate is that printing and processing can be partially added with a grating effect, because the grating plate is only beneficial to the need for three-dimensional or changing images, and is not conducive to the analytical performance of text and line patterns. The zigzag part of the three-dimensional grating is polished and then die-casted, instead of comprehensively die-casting, not only can reduce the cost of buying gratings, but also can be designed and produced reasonably. R & D is not easy and it is more difficult to succeed, but without R & D, it is not easy to have a market, so everyone still needs to think and work hard to achieve performance.

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