2016 New Type Air Vacuum Auto Loader

  • Applicable Industry: Plastic
  • Automatic Grade: Automatic
  • Driven Type: Electric
  • Specification: CE
  • HS Code:
  • Material Type: Grain
  • Working Principle: Vacuum
  • Trademark: SIMI
  • Origin: Guangdong China
*Easy to install and operate.
*Computerized operation program.
*High-speed motor with a small size and strong loading capacity. Motor automatic protection system with alarm for.
*Stainless steel hopper
Model VAL-300G VAL-400G VAL-700G VAL-800G VAL-880G VAL-880G
Motor Type Carbon brush Induction Carbon brush Induction Induction Induction
Specification 1& Phi; 1.1KW 3& Phi; 1.1KW 1& Phi; 1.1KW 3& Phi; 1.1KW 3& Phi; 1.5KW 3& Phi; 2.2KW
Conveying capacity 350KG/H 350KG/H 350KG/H 400KG/H 550KG/H 550KG/H
Loading capacity 6-8M 6-8M 6-8M 8-10M 8-10M 8-10M
Static distance 1500mm/H2O 1500mm/H2O 1500mm/H2O 1800mm/H20 2400mm/H20 2400mm/H20
Reservoir volume 7.5L 7.5L 7.5L 7.5L 10L 10L
Conveying tube inner dim & Phi; 38 & Phi; 38 & Phi; 38 & Phi; 38 & Phi; 38 & Phi; 38
Dimensions Main frame

370*3.00*550 46*38*70 46*38*70 46*38*70

Hopper 40*36*60cm 40*36*60cm 40*30*44cm 40*30*44cm 40*30*50cm 40*30*50cm
Net Weight 29KG 35KG 70KG 74KG 80KG 80KG

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